DSCF9469 (4)Hi!   Let me tell you a bit about myself.  First, I’m a mother of three gorgeous boys and a step-mom to another handsome guy.  All these boys are in their 20s (that may clue you in on my age!)  There is another really good-lookin man in my house, who I happen to be married to.  Adam, my husband, is a very creative individual who has many different talents.  One of my favorite’s is his beautiful landscape photography.  With two creative people in the same household, there is no time for boredom!  Both Adam and I are health conscious, nature lovers who really enjoy exploring the world through books, film and travel.

Learning new things has always been a passion of mine.  If only I could find the time to do all the things I love, my world would be complete!  But, for now, I will just keep dreaming.

Not too long ago, I became a vegetarian/sometimes vegan.    In my first blog, you will understand my desire for choosing to eat healthy and creating a wholesome lifestyle.


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